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Every animal no matter the breed deserves a loving home and a family that has the resources to care for it.
We encourage you to adopt a new furry friend today.

Our mission is to promote the compassionate treatment of animals through education, advocacy, veterinary care and the placing of unwanted animals in loving homes. We strive towards the improvement of conditions at the pounds and abattoirs, as well as the racetrack and riding establishments in Jamaica.

Adopting a pet at the JSPCA is easy! Just come into our head office and choose from our wide selection of pets. After you have selected your pet, there is a quick and easy questionnaire to fill out, just to see if you meet the basic requirements to have the pet, and to give us an idea of the environment the pet will be going to, in order to make sure you have made the right choice.

You pay your adoption fee, your spay/neuter surgery is scheduled and you pick up your new pet the next day. After that, you bring him/her back for a recheck, suture removal and possible vaccine in 7-10 days’ time. It’s as simple as that!