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Meet Us

The JSPCA has been working in Jamaica for more than a hundred years, to protect animals from cruelty, neglect, injury and abandonment, and to defend and promote animal rights.

We operate a shelter at 10 Winchester Road, Kingston 10, and a veterinary clinic, open to the public, which also deals with more than three hundred charity cases per week. It is equipped with a laboratory, surgical suites, isolation unit and maternity ward.

In addition, we have a mobile clinic which is currently stationed on weekends in the fast-growing metropolis of Portmore.

Our mission is to promote the compassionate treatment of animals through education, advocacy, veterinary care and the placing of unwanted animals in loving homes. We strive towards the improvement of conditions at the pounds and abattoirs, as well as the racetrack and riding establishments in Jamaica. One of our major goals is to amend the 1965 Cruelty to Animals Act and the Pound Laws, increasing the fines to levels which will constitute a real deterrent, and giving the JSPCA more authority to take suitable action against those who inflict harm, pain or suffering on animals.

All strays placed in our shelter are either adopted or eventually euthanized. All reported cases of cruelty or neglect are investigated, and action is taken as quickly as possible. We maintain good relationships with the various Humane Societies in the USA and the Caribbean.

Cruelty to Animals

“Stray mother dog with lacerations/ wounds to her back, possibly caused by someone who chased her using a swinging machete.
She was found wandering in the Russell Heights community.”